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We're ready to assist you with your design journey!


We are intentional about learning about you, your vision, and the space we will be working with. We take measurements, pictures, and we will even assess the furniture you are considering keeping. We will discuss the project budget, timeline, and expectations for the completed project. We will ask plenty of questions to learn your taste, lifestyle, personality, design style, and how you plan to use the space we are designing.

custom design development

We will collaborate with you to create a beautifully customized design space, specifically for your needs.  Our design process includes a floor plan that outlines how best to utilize your space.  During the development process, we will select materials, finishes, furniture, and accessories.  At the end of this stage, we will meet with you for a formal presentation to narrow down our design selects, and discuss any edits to our creative direction. Once revisions are completed and approved, you will have a solid idea about how your space will look before our actual design execution.


***Duration from ideation to presentation: 2-3 Weeks. Plus, an additional week for each revision.

Before we start the buying process, we will provide you with a proposal that will outline the entire design project, along with all associated costs for your approval.  Proposals are provided to ensure project expectations are established. Our proposals serve as the source of truth for the project throughout design execution, and all purchases are made with your approval. 

Once you have approved a design plan, we will place orders for your furniture and accessories pieces. We will also schedule out any necessary contract work for the project.

We will manage the project and stay on top of the details. We will crosscheck to make sure the work done by contractors is underway, on schedule, and completed according to our standards. We will also make sure all concerns have been addressed, No details are overlooked. We will communicate often to review outstanding issues or any changes that may be needed.


***If you have a special request or a unique project, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Contact us today.

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Have a design vision but not quite sure how to get there? Here's a quick snapshot of how we'll take your vision from inception to reality!

We turn simple ideas into breathtaking realities .

ordering, project management & installation

Let's Work Together

We're ready to make your dreams come true!  Begin your journey by  clicking the button below, and you'll be on your way to the most creative journey of your life!  We'll be there with you every step of the way!  Start NOW!

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